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Patricia Francis

Former Executive Director - International Trade Center

- Jamaica

Patricia Francis was the Executive Director of the International Trade Centre (ITC) from 2006 to 2013. The ITC is the joint technical cooperation agency of UNCTAD and WTO for business aspects of trade development. Ms Francis, who hails from Jamaica, has been credited for exceptional leadership during her tenure, which resulted in raising the ITC’s profile, nearly doubling the annual project implementation, and successfully overseeing the change management process to instil a strategic planning and reporting cycle, mainstream MDG programmes for gender, environment and poverty and introduce results-based management principles into the organisation. While he was Director General of the WTO, Mr Pascal Lamy credited her role in the success of the Aid for Trade programmes.


Prior to joining ITC in 2006, Ms. Francis was President of Jamaica Promotion Corporation (JAMPRO) from more than a decade, and a member of Jamaica’s Cabinet Committee for Development. She served twice as the President of the World Association of Investment Promotion Agencies, has chaired the OECD’s Caribbean Rim Investment Initiative as well as the China-Caribbean Business Council, and is on the advisory board of the IESE graduate business school.


She has received awards from the Washington D.C. based Caribbean-Central American Action Council and from the King of Spain for her leadership and support for investment and business advocacy. In 2010 she was a member of the Eminent Persons Group for the Commonwealth Secretariat, which had been created for a similar purpose as the current ACP unit, in terms of examining options of reform for the organisation and its institutions, targeting a stronger and more effective framework of cooperation.


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