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The Eminent Persons Group welcomes open, free, frank and civil discussions on the topic of ACP future outlooks and related issues. We want to hear your voice, whether you are a student, a diplomat, an expert, part of your local or national government, or a member of civil society, whether you are aware of ACP Group activities, or not – talk to us!  

We encourage ACP citizens from all walks of life (and even if you are not an ACP national) to weigh in – what vision of the future do you have for the ACP Group? How can the ACP improve its work? What needs to go and what needs to stay? What should relations be like with the European Union? 

There are several ways you can take part in discussions:

Follow us on Facebook. FB was made for dialogue. Keep up with updates and join in discussions on our Facebook Page -- don’t forget to “Like”! In addition, almost every post or page on this website can be shared on Facebook and Twitter, so feel free.


Through our comments section. You can respond to articles by contributors with the Comments form at the bottom of the page. You don’t have to go through a complicated registration process. If you have formed an opinion – please share it.


Submit. You can have your views published as an op-ed article under our “Contributors” section. Pieces must be 500-1000 words each (remember, shorter is more readable) on any issue related to the future outlooks of the ACP Group. Please send your inquiries or submissions to epg@acp.int and we can go from there.


Your inputs will help shape the EPG’s report to the ACP Summit of Heads of State. They will also be compiled and recorded for future reference in the ACP’s work on future perspectives.

Please note that while we value all your views and opinion, we’d like to facilitate exchange in a healthy and open environment. This means the Comments sections and Facebook page will be regularly monitored and if necessary, moderated according to acceptable standards of decency. We reserve the right to remove inputs that are abusive, disrespectful or amount to personal attacks.